Our commitments for
a better vision of travel.

elsewhere is turning travel into
a positive force for change.

Building blocks of
all elsewhere trips

Our minimum operating standards
for every expert and every trip.
Honest local
Outstanding service
and value
Access to unknown places
and experiences
Support of
local economies
Protection of environment
and culture
Secure booking and
on-the-ground support

When a destination thrives, so does your experience there.

Elsewhere was born from the idea that travelers and the destinations they visit deserve better.

By booking with us, you are supporting:

A better planet for future generations.
The ecological effects from tourism are immeasurable; travelers directly impact soil erosion, CO2 emissions, animal welfare, and deforestation. It’s a harsh reality, but we’re here to make it a little brighter:
  • Carbon Offset

    We offset your entire trip, including international flights, using the UNFCCC Carbon Offset Platform. elsewhere selects CERs that meet the highest level of environmental integrity.
  • Wildlife stays wild

    All trips that encounter wildlife, or visit a wild ecosystem adhere to the industry’s strictest guidelines.
  • Plastic clean up

    For every elsewhere trip, we remove 2.2lbs of plastic (the equivalent of 50 plastic water bottles) from the ocean with our partner, Plastic Bank.
  • Plant a tree

    For every traveler that takes a trip with us, elsewhere will plant 10 trees through our partner, Eden Project.
Keeping hard-earned money where it belongs.
80% of low-income countries focus on tourism as a means of improving their economic situation, but shockingly, as little as 10% of money spent on a typical vacation is actually invested back into those local economies.
Let’s call this system what it is - totally unfair. Our direct-to-local model allows 87% of your trip dollars to stay in the destination, empowering its communities with long-term, locally based income.
A safer distribution of footfall.
Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, Iguazu Falls; today, a mind-blowing 80% of all travelers visit the same 5 to 10 spots in every country.
During peak season alone, the worst-hit cities experience a population increase of +1,000%, damaging everything from infrastructure to local culture and environment.
Our local experts promote a win-win solution for everyone: longer stays to turn stopovers into meaningful discoveries, straying off the well-worn tourist circuit, and visiting highlights during off-peak season or hours.
Everyone deserves to be treated right.
Despite the fact that tourism creates 1 out of every 10 jobs globally, the majority don’t meet the basic requirements of fair pay, safe working conditions, or access to equal opportunities.
We privilege women-owned businesses, and projects that employ underrepresented members of society, while our elsewhere Charter ensures that guides and drivers are paid proper wages and work in safe conditions.
Zero tolerance policy.
In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we take a stand against inequitable tourism that perpetuates poverty, such as slum or orphanage visits.
We also stand against cultural exploitation and its tendency to trap local people into a cycle of poverty by insisting that they be defined in specific and often anti-modern ways.
Instead, we promote cultural exchanges with communities that have autonomy over their image and their story and can tell it in their own way.

The elsewhere Charter

In addition to careful vetting, relevant licensing and insurance checks, all the agencies featured on our website have signed a charter that includes commitment and adherence to better travel:
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Global projects supported by elsewhere and our network of local experts

Proudly involved in 44 do-good projects across 39 different destinations

Health & Medical
Community Engagement
Education & Career
We sat down with one of our local experts to hear about the projects they are supporting.

Accessibility Travel

Contact us directly
We remain a fully inclusive travel company, and we seek solutions for everyone. If you are a traveler that requires accessible travel options - please reach out to us so we can better assist you.
Our guarantee is that we will put you in touch with a vetted, insurance-backed, and competent agency to handle your request. To help counteract any additional costs that may be incurred, we waive our commission on all travelers that require assistance.
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Local Videographers and Photographers

This is a stock-free zone. All elsewhere media comes from talented videographers located in the destination.
Looking for a photoshoot on your next trip? Ask your local expert to hook you up.