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A passionate community of travelers and local experts,
all driven by a commitment to outstanding trips.

We guarantee you’ll feel like a guest of the destination,
not a tourist on vacation

Our local experts know their destination better than anyone else.

Meet our badass
on-the-ground experts

  • Highly experienced and
    meticulously screened
  • Licensed and insured
  • Access to unpublished
    and hidden gems
  • Dedicated to positive
    impact travel

Who we are:

Fully Inclusive

Travel is a privilege, but it’s not just for the ‘privileged’. Our local experts are committed to making all travelers feel welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality, accessibility, race or age.

Less time planning, more time exploring.

It takes an average of 40 hours of research to plan a week-long DIY trip. Even after this time investment, 79% of travelers are still afraid they’ve not covered the best things to see and do.

A trip you can feel good about taking.

We empower communities by enabling long-term business growth, support projects that reduce gender inequality, carbon offset every trip, and more. Go from being a feel-good traveler to a do-good explorer.

A once in a lifetime itinerary, made with care for you.

Our experts take trip personalization to a new level. Love the outdoors? Zoloo in Mongolia can introduce you to the most awe-inspiring trails in Mongolia. Family travelers? Gunnar in Iceland is a parent himself.

An on-the-ground 24/7 concierge service, from take-off to landing.

Ever met other travelers halfway through your trip only to hear that they just came back from a mind-blowing tagine cooking class you couldn’t fit into your itinerary? Yeah. Us too, and it sucks. Our on-the-road concierge service allows you to make tweaks and additions to your itinerary on a whim.

Who we are not:

Big bus tours or large cruise ships

We are all about cultural immersion and getting to the core of your destination through human connections. We know there’s still a high demand for this style of vacationing, but it doesn’t fit with our vision of more sustainable travel. If you think food tastes better floating on water, join our expert in Norway for kayaking and Nordic pancakes.

Tiger palaces or elephant rides

Any practice where animals are subjected to abuse for the sake of a tourist selfie is a big NO for us. Let nature remain wild and view animals from a distance.

Orphanage visits and poverty tourism

It’s one thing to want to learn about a destination’s less-privileged communities, but another to turn them into a photo opp. Speak with your Local expert to discover a better way to exchange with the destination.

Resort stays or bare-bones itineraries

Our experts often represent small, family-run agencies and they pour their heart into every trip they create. Where would the value of Local expertise kick in if you’re only planning to drink margaritas by the pool every day?

A backpacker stopover

Through our direct-to-consumer model, we can score local prices for you, but booking everything yourself is always going to be the cheapest option. We’re all about fairness and excellent value for money—not squeezing local suppliers for discounts.